wander to the elfiverse

wander to the elfiverse

First drop hits

April 6th 2022

regenerated uniquely

regenerated uniquely

our process

The launch of the Elfiverse signifies our first series of generative portraits of Element elves gifted to our community to commemorate the launch of the Element DAO.

Each ELF manifests as an array of regenerative pixels and is unique, with a non-fungible token (NFT) stored on the Ethereum mainnet that attests to that uniqueness.

Each Element community member may hold one of these NFTs, where the identity they form in the community lies within.

For this initial Elfiverse launch, each ELF falls into a faction, with different powers, capabilities and traits. May you take them into the Elfiverse and float through with other community members.

The lore

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The skies bellowed with thunder

As Wyn and Jannalor jumped in their boat seeking for a new land. For days and nights they sailed in the raging Sea of Liquidity, unsure of what they’d find.

Since the Faorin centralized control of their region, the towers in the city had become taller and brighter. Yet tales of arbitrary suffering grew as policies designed for the few impacted the many, and volatility of the annual harvests increased.

Only one thing was certain: there had to be a better way. They found adventurers from myriad backgrounds upon exploring. Wyn and Jannalor had been researchers, studying the minute details of the origins of high elvish magic, but what they found here was new even to them.

“Jannalor!” said Wyn. “Just like us, there have to be others…other degens who seek a better way. We must find them!”

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They were soon joined by Corym

A High Elf from the Nordic faction, wielding a Bo staff made of Mallorn tree. Hailing from the House of Chadtham, he taught them ways of governing both the duties and the spoils of harvest.

“We’ll teach them the way of the high elves, and we’ll learn from them. Our magic will grow stronger together,” Jannalor replied. Experimenting with spices from their new neighbours, they turned to a crop called Bacchae, long outlawed in the Old World for being too degenerate.

With these elements combined, they tamed the harvest’s boom and bust cycles, allowing spices to flow at a steady rate. This brought stability to their farming efforts, and to their newfound way of life.

It was then when their true adventure began

Hearing of this prosperous harvest outside of their direct control, the Faorin quickly acted to halt all shipping and impose an embargo on all spice shipments across the Sea of Liquidity.

“This aggression will not stand! The spice must flow!” raged Jannalor, determined to share their findings with their ancestors back home.

Channeling their newfound powers, the Elfi summoned a Portal right outside the tower city of the Faorin. An open challenge to ancient tradition invited all those who dared walk a new path. And it was then when their true adventure began.