Rollout release

The Elfiverse is a gift for the Element community to commemorate the launch of the Element DAO. An amplification of the community involvement in Element. The release schedule below was designed to enable a fair and transparent distribution that ensures accessibility of NFTs for eligible community members and prioritizes humans over the masses of bots. A total of 10,000 ELFs will be available to mint.

First Release

The first 4,700 community members to qualify will be given the opportunity to mint on April 6th, 2022. It will be accessible to active Element community members only. The first eligible 4,700 community members can qualify by performing certain actions within the ecosystem. This will be a limited release and more details will be released shortly.

Second release

A second release to mint ELFs will be offered to Discord Community members and Github DeFi Ecosystem Contributors. More details to come at a later date.

Release and Minting Details

After minting, you will be able to see your elf on the Elfiverse website immediately. You will need to connect your wallet at the top right and click on the My Collection button to see your revealed elf. Wallets and platforms like OpenSea typically take a while to update the refreshed metadata.


These ELF NFTs are not for sale. They are not investments or hold or represent anything of monetary value. The overarching goal of this NFT project is to foster a collaborative community around the Element DAO.